Dragonfly is One!

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Dragonfly is One!

Dragonfly is one!


Dragonfly became official last year in October and it’s been a big year! We started Dragonfly with big goals. We also moved, added some new awesome clinicians, and our favorite dragonfly, Dash (our little cartoon mascot – thanks the wonderful artist in residence with Street Culture Project, Jolyn).


We set our big goals out in one of our first social media posts and we did a little check in with ourselves this month to see where we are with those goals and where we still want to go. 


Goal 1. Non-Profit


Last year we were a brand new non-profit agency. We wanted to be able to make programs more accessible and to meet needs in the community where there are current gaps. This fall we were able to achieve one of our big goals (thanks to a donation from the wonderful Own Your Own Story) and we were able to offer our Mighty Minds Kids Anxiety group for free. The group filled up and is near completion right now! Our clinicians have all been working on a sliding scale since the beginning. We have added additional clinicians to ensure that our wait times remain low.


We think there are still many more exciting things to come in the future. We hope to continue to explore and eventually establish programs and services that can meet unmet needs.


Goal 2. Identifying unmet needs


When we started Dragonfly, we really wanted to be able to help meet unmet needs that exist in the community related to child and family mental health. We had some ideas from our own work experience, and have also welcomed dialogue with community partners. We are continuing to work toward a goal of being able to provide services for free or at a very low cost because we think one of the biggest unmet needs is timely and affordable mental health services. We are also interested in specific programs that might be needed but currently unavailable. With this goal in mind, one of our clinicians is currently finishing her Intergenerational Trauma Treatment Model and Dragonfly hopes to be able to provide this program in the future.


Goal 3. Becoming charitable


This is a big one! Becoming charitable allows us to apply for many different grants that we cannot otherwise apply for it. It also allows us to be able to give a tax receipt to donors which basically means it is much easier for us to do fundraising and to accept donations. We have submitted our application but the approval process can be long and slow so we are still waiting on this one. We also know how important it is for us to have this time to build structures and systems so that we can actually do the work we want to do with these grants.


We are excited about what the next year holds for us – keep visiting our website for new programs and events!