Mighty Minds Kids Anxiety Group

What is the Mighty Minds Kids Anxiety Group?


Our kids anxiety group is an 6 week program. We use evidence based cognitive-behavioral treatment for children with anxiety. Parents/caregivers are also involved in group programming. Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy is well supported by research.


The Mighty Minds Kids Anxiety Group will assist children and families to develop skills in the following areas:



  • Recognizing and understanding emotional and physical reactions to anxiety

  • Clarifying thoughts and feelings in anxious situations

  • Develop coping skills and strategies.


Components of the Mighty Minds Kids Anxiety Group program include:



  • Psychoeducation – information for children and families about how anxiety and how it impacts the brain and the body

  • Somatic management – relaxation techniques

  • Cognitive restructuring – learning about thinking errors and how to think in a way that is more helpful

  • Exposure tasks – provides children with the chance to be in a feared situation and have a mastery experience




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Mighty Minds Kids Anxiety Group for Children Ages 6-12


Our Kids Anxiety Group is a 6 week evidence based cognitive-behavioral treatment program for children with anxiety. The components of this program include psychoeducation, exposure tasks, somatic management, cognitive restructuring, and problem solving.


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Parents/caregivers attend along with child


Participants can attend in-person or virtually.




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