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About Wise Minds Anger Management (Emotion Regulation) Groups for Children and Youth


Our Wise Minds Anger Management (Emotion Regulation) Groups have been designed for children ages 6-11 and teens ages 12-17.


The Wise Minds program aims to help children or teens who are having trouble with expressing/managing their anger. Children/teens learn to identify situations which could be problematic for them. They will also learn skills to better manage their anger and other difficult emotions. This group has been designed to empower children to make responsible behavioural choices when confronted with challenging situations.


Wise Minds is based on cognitive behavioural therapy approaches. Children/teens learn essential skills for coping with anger and are introduced to the following strategies and fundamental concepts during the treatment program:



  1. Children/teens with anger/emotion regulation problems struggle to identify what triggers their anger response and lack skills to better manage their anger. They will receive education around the feeling of anger and they will learn to identify situations which trigger their anger.

  3. Children/teens will receive training regarding their reactions when they are angry/distressed (psychological, cognitive and behavioural). They are taught to become more aware of their anger by learning about unhelpful self talk, body responses, irrational thoughts and the chain between our thoughts, feelings, reactions, and consequences.

  5. Specific skills that are taught include identifying emotions, self talk, relaxation training, problem solving, and communication. Research has shown that children/teens who express anger struggle in these areas.

  7. Children/youth have opportunities to develop plans to effectively deal with trigger situations and learn about replacement behaviours. This will assist children to more effectively deal with situational or interpersonal problems.

  9. Interventions target children/teen perspective and the difference between rational and irrational beliefs.


The group for children and the group for teens follow the same principles, however each group is taught in a way that is most appropriate for the developmental level of that age group. It is also helpful for participants to be surrounded by peers who are more similar in age and experience.


Group Format


The group is 6 sessions long. Children or youth attend on their own, and parents/caregivers are provided with a weekly email summary of the topics covered each week.




Upcoming Group


At this time there is no upcoming group scheduled. 




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